October 2022

AgroInsurance International Conference 2022 in Tbilisi, Georgia

This year's AgroInsurance International Conference was held in Tbilisi (Georgia) from September 26 to 28, 2022 with the aim of sharing technological innovations in the agricultural insurance sector and meeting providers of tech services.

In various presentations, the international speakers presented the agricultural insurance markets in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Central America, Africa and Europe. Other presentations focused on technological solutions and particularities of portfolio management and underwriting in agricultural insurance. Efficiency and technological improvements in loss adjustment and processing were also addressed. During a panel discussion, experts debated the challenges of index insurance and ways to overcome them in the future. On the last day, AgriTech examples were shown in the field and commented on.

Representing AIAG, the association's president, Pascal Forrer, gave participants an insight into AIAG's work and held a presentation on the topic "Overview of the European Agricultural Insurance Market".

The diverse and inspiring program provided a good insight into, among other things, regional agricultural insurance markets and some of the latest AgriTech developments. It showed that progress is being made in the use of new technologies, but that the road to needs-based and reliable index insurance for specific risks will still take some time. Many thanks to the AgrosInsurance team for organizing this interesting and successful conference.