The board is the AIAG’s executive body and is made up of members who are nominated by the member countries and elected by the general meeting. Representatives of subscribing members cannot be elected to the board. The president and vice-presidents are elected from among the board members. The board, in turn, appoints a secretary treasurer. The president's period of office is limited to two terms, i.e. a total of four years. The board meets twice a year.

Board members

A permanent secretariat is responsible for administration and member management. This has been based in Zurich since the establishment of the Association. The secretariat furthermore organises adjusters’ seminars, congresses and meetings.

AIAG secretariat

The official languages are English, French, German and Italian.

AIAG is short for "Association Internationale des Assureurs de la Production Agricole". In English "International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers".

The history of AIAG...

...began in 1951 with the first congress in Paris and the foundation of the ‘International Association of Hail Insurers’ (Association internationale des assureurs contre la grêle) or AIAG for short.

The AIAG’s founding members, with representatives from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, set themselves the objectives of improving and expanding coverage and hail insurers’ services through the exchange of information, experience and statistics.

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since 1951

since 2019 Pascal Forrer
Direktor, Schweizer Hagel (CH)
2015-2019 Arnaud de Beaucaron
Administrateur, L'Étoile (FR)
2011-2015 Dr. Kurt Weinberger
Generaldirektor, Österreichische Hagelversicherung (AT)
2007-2011 Dr. Rainer Langner
Vorstandsvorsitzender, Vereinigte Hagelversicherung (DE)
2003-2007 Daniel Sauce
Directeur, Aviva Assurances (FR)
1999-2003 Urs Braun
Direktor, Schweizer Hagel (CH)
1995-1999 Walter Lechner
Mitglied des Vorstandes, Versicherungskammer Bayern (DE)
1991-1995 Dr. Franz Stadler
Generaldirektor, Österreichische Hagelversicherung (AT)
1987-1991 Jean Léger
Directeur, Abeille-Assurances (FR)
1983-1987 Walter Galli
Direttore, Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (IT)
1979-1983 Dr. Bernd Hildebrandt
Vorstandsvorsitzender, Deutsche Gärtnereihagel (DE)
1975-1979 Dr. Michel Marchal
Directeur Général, L'Abeille (FR)
1971-1975 Dott. Enrico Randone
Direttore Generale, Assicurazioni Generali (IT)
1967-1971 Dr. Hermann Stech
Generaldirektor, Mecklenburgische Versicherungen (DE)
1963-1967 Raymond Follain
Directeur Général, L'Abeille (FR)
1957-1963 Dr. Emil Fäh
Direktor, Schweizer Hagel (CH)
1951-1957 Paul Perrot
Directeur Général, L'Abeille (FR)