106 members from 30 countries and 5 continents. 

Value Propositions

AIAG provides a unique international exchange platform for agricultural production insurers.

  • We organise international congresses every two years for the worldwide exchange of experiences as well as for the study and analysis of current problems.
  • We organise Loss adjusters‘ seminars to promote the international exchange of experience of damage assessment.
  • We ensure a regular exchange of experience about livestock insurance with a dedicated working group.
  • We organise study tours to learn about new crop insurance systems.
  • We establish good relationships and connections between our members.
  • We maintain contact with other crop insurance associations in order to inform members about other insurance systems.
  • We monitor the development of agricultural insurance markets, technological developments and the general conditions for agricultural production.

Membership fees

Full members (Direct Insurers)

Premium income (in CHF) Annual fee
from 0 to 10 mio.  CHF 1100
from 10 to 20 mio. CHF 1300
from 20 to 40 mio. CHF 1600
from 40 to 60 mio. CHF 2000
over 60 mio. CHF 2500

Subscribing members (Reinsurer, Broker)

CHF 2000

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