April 2022

AIAG at the 17th International ALASA Congress in Mexico City

Under the theme «Climate change and new technologies: a necessary adaptation of the coverages offered», the ALASA Congress took place in Mexico City from March 22 to 24, 2022.

In exciting presentations on the general situation of agriculture, the impact of climate change, coverage needs as well as the different manifestations of public-private partnerships in Latin America, the role of agricultural insurance as an important risk management tool was addressed. The importance of digitalization, the new measurement and observation possibilities and the growing availability of data were discussed in the context of parametric coverage, among other topics.

As a representative of AIAG, the president of the association, Pascal Forrer from Swiss Hail Insurance, was able to give the participants an overview of AIAG's work and spoke on the topic of «European market reactions to the effects of climate change».

The diverse and stimulating program provided a comprehensive insight into the agricultural and insurance sectors in Latin America. It became clear that the adaptation of agriculture or the implementation of possible preventive measures, the existence of agricultural insurance and the development and continuity of public-private partnership programs are important factors in countering climate change and making agriculture more resilient.